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No words! I love it!!! - ★★★★★ - 5 stars
by EddieMor - Version 3.0 - Mar 23, 2012
This new update has gone from AWESOME to beyond it. App Uninstaller has been added and now there is a premium version which I recommend (it is not that expensive) because you will save a lot of money and will have all the new features that the future version of iBoostUp has to offer. I love how iBoostUp really listens to their users and although this version has taken longer than usual to get released it is worth it and I am pretty sure updates will continue to be ask quick and good as they used to be. Overall, a great job to the iBoostUp team and can't wait for the future updates. It is defenetly a 5 star product and a must have! Keep up the work!!

Excellent - ★★★★★ - 5 stars
by Gena L. Bates - Version 3.0 - Mar 27, 2012
This App is Amazing! Does what it says, and it does it well! Also they continuasly update and not a single update has been a bad thing! Highly reccomend it! :D

Incredible - ★★★★★ - 5 stars
by Jan Obrycki - Version 3.0 - Apr 1, 2012
I don't usualy bother with leaving comments, but this app absolutly works wonders. My Macbook air (2Gb) even with all programs off would show not more than 900mb free (display by free memory) even after cleaning cache. But after running all scans and fix-ups with this app it runs at 1.5Gb I have never see my computer run so fast and smooth, even when New. This is by far the best boost app i have even used or seen. Definitly worth recommending Cheers guys, thank you very much

Words cannot describe this! - ★★★★★ - 5 stars
by rock n roll Lisa - Version 3.0 - Mar 24, 2012
I don't have any words to describe how much faster my mac is after I used this. Not to mention how much free space I saved. I'd appreciate a slight decrease in the price for add-ons but other then that this is worth downloading.

Solid and Simple! - ★★★★ - 4 stars
by Frudoc - Version 3.0 - Apr 4, 2012
This is a great app for doing some quick cleaning and maintenance and keeping things running smoothly. This is especially the case for people who either do not want or do not know how to accomplish these tasks within the system or using other tools. Convenience is worth paying for. Real quick: For the people who are giving one star because some of the features require an in-app purchase, that's just not fair. Perhaps there was a time when the description was not entirely clear, but there is a person who reviewed this app on April 1, 2012 (3 days ago) who is complaining that the duplicate file finder is an in-app purchase for Lion users. The description very clearly says this is the case. No stars for you!

Get it now! Its amazing!! - ★★★★★ - 5 stars
by Mandy997- Version 3.0 - Mar 24, 2012
I love iBoostUp! It's a must have app if you love your computer as much as I do! Download it for real! I am not kidding!!! :D I love version 3.0!!! I am planning on getting the Premium version so I can have all the future features :) My friend told me about this app and well, I really recommend it!! It's a lot better than the other apps.

I really like it! - ★★★★★ - 5 stars
by ??? Xd - Version 3.0 - Mar 25, 2012
It is easy, fast, and a really good app. It first started just being a cleaner and then it is just so much more! 5 stars fo sure!

Deserves 5 stars! - ★★★★★ - 5 stars
by EddieMor - Version 2.9 - Feb 27, 2012
This app is totally great! They just added a lot of the features I was waiting for! Keep up the good work! I just love iBoostUp so much!!! I love how quick the version gets updated! :)

ALESSANDROOB - ★★★★★ - 5 stars
by Alessandroob - Version 2.9 - Mar 15, 2012

Great app! Does exactly what it says it does! - ★★★★★ - 5 stars
by Alphablue66 - Version 2.9 - Mar 9, 2012
i just updated my macbook pro to snow leopard (i know, im late to the party). after updating my mac I found it to be very sluggish when opening programs it never had a roblem on leopard like: word, excel, Itunes, even google chrome! i was a bit annoyed. i have other computer programs to clean my mac but they didnt help. then i found this one in the app store. after running disk health on IBoostUp the problems stopped and my computer has been my mac has been much faster when opening prorgrams! this app brakea down evrything so it is very comprhensable to someone with little, to no computer skill. if you are haing problems with your mac and you dont want to spend money on apps that do the same thing thing then i recomend you get this app ASAP!

Awesome - ★★★★★ - 5 stars
by GiantWyrm - Version 2.9 - Mar 8, 2012
Works great. The only thing I want to see is Disk Health for external drives.

Great app - ★★★★★ - 5 stars
by anna-marie Hildabrand - Version 2.9 - Mar 7, 2012
I paid for a couple of the extra features (about $5 total). I feel that wasn't a bad price considering how expensive programs can be to clean up your computer. App works great everytime and breaks everything down. I really love this app. Totally worth the money I spent and will use this app all the time. Don't hesitate downloading this great app. Also, I saw a review saying it deletes the downloads files…..you have the option to only delete what you want and to delete them and make a copy of them in their own separate folders.

iBoostup is the truth!!! - ★★★★★ - 5 stars
by UberMesch - Version 2.9 - Mar 6, 2012
Does what it says it does, no bull ish. The latest up date has my MacBook Pro running like a dream… Like day 1 ^_^ :-D

1 word.. AMAZING - ★★★★★ - 5 stars
by Wafflemanz3000 - Version 2.9 - Mar 6, 2012
Every time i use this application i save about 300 mb of space om my laptop and i use it about every week in total i have already saved over 4 GB of space. I LOVE IT

Excellent - ★★★★★ - 5 stars
by Gena Bates - Version 2.9 - Feb 28, 2012
This App is Amazing! Does what it says, and it does it well! Also they continuasly update and not a single update has been a bad thing! Definately worth it!

Best thing ever - ★★★★★ - 5 stars
by Think about it and read this!! - Version 2.9 - Mar 2, 2012
It saves me over 1gb a day and also have you ever installed something on your computer and you want it gone but its INSTALLED so you cant get it off unless you pay like 20$ for those removers well iboostup has one build inside the program. GET THIS IT WILL HELP YOU

Fixed Endless Pin Wheels - ★★★★★ - 5 stars
by William Farrell - Version 2.2 - Dec 31, 2011
This app fixed my MacBook Pro, which had been experiencing endless pin wheels for the last several weeks. Great app. Fast and easy to use and it made my laptop usable again!

Thank you for this useful app - ★★★★★ - 5 stars
by sonamdolma - Version 2.2 - Dec 29, 2011
I appreciate being able to optimize the function of my mac. I like being able to control what gets cleaned and what doesn't (I prefer to look at my cookies and handle them manually). This app also gave me instructions for how to optimize my network settings according to how I am using the internet. Very user-friendly and fast. I usually don't like to set apps to open at log-in but for now I decided to give it this setting, so I can hit the ground running everyday. Thanks for making this free!

UNBELIEVEABLE! 56.8 GBS!!!! - ★★★★★ - 5 stars
Jason Jones - Version 2.3 - Jan 11, 2012
I was just browsing for cool apps, saw this and read a couple reviews. I installed it cause its free and i reclaimed 56.8GB!!!!! And It was free!

AMAZING!!!!!! - ★★★★★ - 5 stars
Zach687 - Version 2.3 - Jan 12, 2012
Made my computer faster.

Love it!! - ★★★★★ - 5 stars
by grwstile - Version 2.3 - Jan 11, 2012
This app optimized my internet settings. It is sooo fast now. Could not believe the difference it made.

Works Great - ★★★★★ - 5 stars
by hana12971 - Version 2.3 - Jan 10, 2012
Cleans everything quickly and efficiently. No complaints here.


Great - ★★★★★ - 5 stars
by Nathan Durand - Version 2.3 - Jan 7, 2012
I have a fairly new computer but I'm trying to keep it clean. First time I ran it it found over 570 MB worth of stuff to clean. I'm very impressed. Great app!

must get - ★★★★★ - 5 stars
by Jameel—144 - Version 2.3 - Jan 7, 2012
it really works great unlike all those scams they release online it really gets the job done, it helped with my browsers with alot of problems they had leading me to download other browsers now i can use one browser again :D thnx

awsome app - ★★★★★ - 5 stars
by pheakdey kong - Version 2.3 - Jan 10, 2012
Really nice app, notice the difference right away!

Invaluable - ★★★★★ - 5 stars
by Jeff Pincus - Version 2.3 - Jan 8, 2012
Cleared 1gb right off the back. My reboot time has been optimized and the difference is noticealbe. Highly recomend this app.


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