Privacy Policy

We are committed to your right to privacy and the protection of your personal information in
accordance with all applicable privacy laws.
This privacy policy ("Policy") outlines how we manage your personal information.  It also describes
the type of information we hold and why, as well as how that information is collected, used and
We encourage you to check our website regularly for any updates to the Policy (see "Further
information" below).
Why do we collect personal information?
We are committed to constantly upgrading and improving the service we provide to you.  For this
reason, we may collect your personal information so we can effectively:
●	provide our services to you;
●	provide your details to third parties who sell goods and services through our services; 
●	administer and manage those services, including charging, billing and collecting debts; 
●	conduct appropriate checks for credit worthiness; 
●	research and develop our services; 
●	gain an understanding of your service needs so we may provide them to you; and 
●	maintain and develop our business systems and infrastructure, including testing and upgrading
our systems.
What personal information do we collect?
To enable us to continue to provide you with a high level of service we may collect your: 
●	name;
●	email address and other contact details;

If you do not provide us with the information we require then we may be unable to provide you with
our services or effect the purchase by you of goods and services from us or from third parties.
How do we collect personal information?
We will, if reasonable and practicable to do so, collect personal information directly from you.
This may take place when you fill out documents such as an application form or an administrative
form or when you give us personal information in person, over the telephone or through our
In certain circumstances, we will collect personal information from third parties.  For example, we
may need to collect personal information from:
●	third parties who sell goods and services via our services;
●	a credit reporting agency; 
●	your financial advisers; 
●	your representatives (e.g. authorised representatives or legal advisers); 
●	your employer; 
●	publicly available sources of information; or 
●	any other organisation identified below (see "Disclosing personal information" below). 
Using and disclosing your personal information
We collect your personal information so we can provide you with the highest possible level of
service and to ensure that the goods or services you purchase or otherwise obtain from us are
properly provided to you. 
We may also collect your financial information to confirm your identity and to bill you for products
and services.  We will not share your financial or other personal information with third parties
without your prior consent.  However, in certain situations we may be required to pass your contact
details on to third parties (such as payment providers) and you authorise us to share your personal
information in this way.
We may also be required at various times to provide your personal information to: 
●	outsourced service providers who manage the services we provide (e.g. mailing services, billing
and debt recovery functions and marketing services and credit reporting agencies); 
●	our advisers (including our accountants, auditors and lawyers); 
●	government and regulatory authorities and other organisations, as required or authorised by
●	organisations involved in marketing our products and services; 
●	organisations jointly participating in, or assisting us to manage, a promotion, event, seminar
or competition; 
●	organisations involved in a transfer or sale or our assets or business; 
●	organisations involved in managing our corporate risk; and 
●	our related companies and affiliates. 
We will seek your consent to use or disclose personal information for the purposes of informing you
●	our products and services that may be of interest and suit your requirements; and
●	promotions or other opportunities which may be of interest.
We will presume we have your consent to use service providers to assist us with marketing (e.g.
mailing services or advertising agencies) unless we are told otherwise (see "Contacting us" below). 
Storing personal information
We store personal information in different ways, including in paper and electronic form. The
security of personal information is important to us and we take reasonable steps to protect it from
misuse or loss and from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure. Some of the ways we do this
●	requiring our staff to maintain confidentiality; 
●	implementing document storage security policies; 
●	imposing security measures for access to our computer systems (see ‘Privacy on the internet‘
●	only allowing access to personal information where your request for access has satisfied our
identification requirements; and 
●	ensuring we control access to our offices. 
Collecting sensitive information
Unless we have your consent, we will not collect information that reveals your racial or ethnic
origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs or affiliations, membership of a
political trade union, details of your health, disability, sexual orientation or criminal record.
However, we may collect information of this nature in circumstances where it is:
●	required by law; or 
●	necessary to provide our services. 
Dealing with us anonymously
Where it is lawful and practicable to do so, you may deal with us anonymously (e.g. when enquiring
about our products and services generally).
Privacy on the internet
We take care to ensure that the personal information given to us on our website(s) is protected. Our
networks have electronic security systems, including firewalls and data encryption. Depending on the
system with which you deal with us, user identifiers, passwords and other access codes for our staff
and third parties may be used to control access to personal information.
Also, you may access third-party websites by clicking on links we have provided on our websites.
These external websites are not subject to our privacy policy. You need to review those websites to
ascertain how the relevant organisation manages your personal information.
Our websites use cookies to track user traffic patterns and to better serve you when you revisit the
website. You may be able to set your browser to notify you when you receive a cookie, providing you
with the opportunity to either accept or reject it.
Keeping personal information accurate and up to date
We take all reasonable precautions to ensure that the personal information we collect, use and
disclose is accurate, complete and up to date. However, the accuracy of that information largely
depends on the quality of the information you provide to us. We therefore suggest that you:
●	let us know if there are any errors in your personal information; and 
●	keep us up to date with changes to your personal information (e.g. any changes to your name,
address or contact details).
The best way to update your personal information is to email us (see ‘Contacting us‘ below). 
Your access to your personal information
You have a right to access your personal information, subject to some exceptions allowed by law.
You can contact us to obtain a form to request access (see ‘Contacting us‘ below). We may charge a
fee for collating and providing access to personal information.
If you believe that we have breached your privacy rights in any way or wish to discuss any issues
about our privacy policy you should contact our office (see "Contacting us" below).
We will try to satisfy any questions and correct any errors on our part.
If we do not satisfactorily answer your concerns, you have the right to make a complaint to the
Privacy Commissioner on telephone number 1300 363 992 or in writing to:
Office of Privacy Commissioner
GPO Box 5218
Sydney   NSW   1042
Contacting us
You may ask any questions about this Policy or the way we manage your personal information or obtain
a form requesting access to personal information by emailing us at
Further information
For further information about and how we operate, please refer to our website If you would like more information about privacy in general, please refer to the
Privacy Commissioner’s website: