Here are a few of the things we can do to boost your Mac:

- Quick Clean Reclaim disk space and enhance privacy by eliminating buildup of unneeded files and metadata. Quick Clean is able to speed up your Mac and improve your OS X experience with only a few clicks!
- Old and Unused Files Searching for old and unused files on your Mac helps reduce clutter and free up disk space.
- Cookies Data stored in cookies may be used by websites to track your browsing. Removing cookies may reduce tracking.
iBoostUp lets you easily view and manage all the cookies on your Mac.
- Duplicate File Finder Helps regain disk space and reduce clutter by searching for files with identical content, irrespective of location or filename.
- Disk Health Disk Health keeps your startup times fast and your Mac responsive.
- Memory Booster Frees up your Mac's RAM and is recommended before launching memory intensive applications (graphic design, games etc)
- Network Booster Measures access to your most commonly visited sites and suggests more optimal settings if required.
- Spyware Doctor Using a combination of state-of-the-art heuristic techniques plus cloud based signature scanning, Spyware Doctor is able to determine whether any app (even those previously unseen) might exhibit malicious behaviour or be a risk to your privacy.
- Keylogger Guard iBoostUp's Keylogger Guard detects many types of keyloggers in real-time, alerting you immediately so you can take action before they are able to steal your personal information.
- HID Implant Guard HID Implant Guard alerts and protects you against modified peripherals such as USB drives or Lightning cables designed to tamper with your Mac. It blocks interaction and requests human confirmation whenever a new input device is detected, this prevents keypress injection attacks in the style of "BadUSB", "USB Rubber Ducky" and "O.MG Cable".
- Browser Doctor Seeing too many ads? Browser running slow? Browser Doctor is able to remove unwanted browser extensions while keeping your browsing history and other data intact.
- Firewall Status Checks your firewall and gives security recommendations based on your current settings.
- File Shredder Securely wipes files you select and makes them unrecoverable.
- ARP Cache Scans for and detects the ARP cache poisoning network attack technique. Recommended when you are connected to untrusted networks such as public WiFi at airports, cafes etc.
- Wireless iBoostUp's Wireless security tool checks your WiFi connection and alerts you to potential privacy issues as well as giving security recommendations.


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macOS 10.11+, Monterey and M1 supported.